How to indicate the item I want?
Please choose the item you are interested in and take note of article, model, size and color.
To reach us by phone, please dial :080 3958284
To reach us by fax, please dial : 080 3958248
Please use the following address to email us:

Where can I buy the products?

Call Ferrucci Group and we will help locate a store nearest you, but don't forget you can buy it directly from us in case of any dif´Čüculty.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accepts payment cash on delivery, that means that the bill for the product is delivered with the product and payment cash or by cashier's check is expected immediately to the courier.

Can I use a different payment method?

If you want to use a different payment method than the one indicated, you can contact Ferrucci Group and agree on a different payment. In case of bank transfer, goods will be shipped after receiving the payment (usually three working days).

What are my shipping options and how are my shipping charges calculated?

Goods will be shipped by courier. The exact shipping rates depend on the place and the country where your order is being delivered to.

The Comfort Ferrucci thanks and confirms its willingness to cater to your every demand.